Sunday, May 31, 2015

All over my plate

The leaf has a sturdy spine, I carve it out with a knife and the rest bends to my will.

For fillings I butcher apples and rhubarb, they camouflage amongst the tri-coloured rice and seeds.

Spices wear invisible coats, feta screams look at me look at me.

All ready, I send the parcels to my mouth.


Yeah you wish you were here too, pity pictures don't smell.

(Like cabbage? But I like cabbage!)

Maybe in the future we can already reach through the screen -would you do that, would you dare?

To eat my photographs.

And the next time I'd look at my blog, all the plates.. empty!


Today I want to write stories

all over my plate.


Opening line: Once upon a time there was a cabbage..


The end!

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